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A Suggestion for 2019 Bible Reading


With the start of a new year comes the opportunity to start afresh with reading Scripture. Many Christians begin a read-through-the-Bible plan on January 1st, with the goal of reading every chapter of the Old Testament and New Testament by December 31st. This is a great practice for any Christian, and there are several good options out there for tackling this goal (such as M'Cheyne's classic plan).

The pastors at River Oaks would also like to suggest an alternative approach, called the "Redemptive-Historical Bible Reading Plan." Rather than cover the entirety of the 1,179 chapters of the Bible (at over 3 per day)—which is often too much to tackle for many people—this plan covers 200 of the key chapters that tell the main story of Scripture. You can go at your own pace, and each section of OT readings is matched up with NT readings that elaborate on what is taught in the OT and how fulfillment comes in Christ.

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