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Resources for Studying the Acts of the Apostles

As a church family we will be studying the book of Acts during our Sunday morning sermon series. So some may find it helpful to further their own understanding of the book and augment the sermons with a little study of their own. Below is a short list of helpful resources to that end. Enjoy.

1. The ESV study Bible is a great resource for everyone.

2. The Message of Acts by John Stott. He is, as always, brilliant and clear. 

3. Acts by I. Howard Marshall. Dr. Marshall is thorough and readable.

4. The Acts of the Apostles by Peterson. This is more advanced, but excellent. Almost 800 pages, but worth it!

5. Finally, if your Greek is workable and your checking account full, C.K. Barrett's 2 volume work, Acts, leaves few questions unanswered.