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The Precious Blood of Christ

We did our second reading of Lenten Lights today, preparing our hearts for Good Friday and Easter.

We read about the Curse, remembering how Adam & Eve chose death over life, listening to God’s enemy, turning their backs on their loving Father, and forfeiting the perfect innocent communion they had with their Creator.

Sin came into the world through one man, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men because all sinned…

As we blew out the second of our seven candles leading up to Good Friday, I sat in silence, pondering the remaining five. The Light of the World being gradually extinguished. I watched the wax drip down the Christ candle, held by an olivewood candlestick that David & Gwen brought us from Jerusalem. Could it have been this very wood that held Jesus’ broken body and saw his blood rolling down?

I thought about what it’s like to see blood in real life. I thought about my first period or the time I cut myself with a kitchen knife real bad. The volume of it takes your breath away for a second. It’s shocking. It’s visceral. It’s an emergency.

I considered how I can become too familiar with my Savior’s blood instead of being surprised and affected by it. That it's real blood. And it's for me. Out of love.

So this week I am coming back to see my Savior at the cross. Humbly bowing before His extravagant sacrifice. And counting as most precious each drop shed for me.

Christ Candle