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Every Sunday until August 5, 2018

10:15am – 10:45am

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 Sunday School available each week for adults, youth, and children. The nursery is also available.

Current Series: 

Does The Bible Teach that Jesus is God? An 8-Week Study on the Divine Christology of the New Testament. Central to Christianity is the conviction that Jesus is not only the 'Christ' (=Messiah) but a divine Messiah, the Son of the living God—yes, even God himself. As confirmed in the orthodox creeds from the early fourth century onwards, the Son is eternally God, the second 'person' of the one Triune God (Father, Son, Spirit). But the question often arises from outside the church (Jehovah's Witnesses, Muslims, Mormons, religious skeptics) as well as inside the church: does the Bible actually affirm the full deity of Christ? Join us for this eight-week crash course that will help you answer the question, "Does the Bible actually teach that Jesus is God?" This study will take us well beyond the few places where Jesus is actually called "God" (Theos) to explore the rich ways in which the NT authors, inspired by God himself, articulate that Jesus Christ is truly God yet without collapsing the distinctions between the persons of the Trinity. 

Seasons of Waiting: Walking by Faith when Dreams are Delayed (Special Women's Series). Join the ladies of River Oaks Church for our summer study of the book 'Seasons of Waiting,' by Betsy Childs Howard. We will begin to explore “Walking by Faith When Dreams are Delayed” on Sunday, June 17 at 10:15 am in the youth room of the Community Center building. You will get the opportunity to reflect on a different type of waiting each week and encourage other women with God's word. Here's what to expect:
"We’re all waiting for something. It might be a spouse or a baby. It might be healing or a home. Regardless of what we're waiting for, it’s easy to feel discontent when things aren’t going as planned and our dreams are delayed—especially when questions of “Why?” and “How long?” remain unanswered.

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