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Getting Started

So you've learned a bit more about dyslexia. You've read about the warning signs and they sound familiar. You suspect dyslexia may be the cause of your child or student's reading struggles, and you'd like them to begin tutoring. What are the next steps?

First, the student needs to take the 10-minute student screening to make sure they are ready for the Barton system. One of our tutors will be happy to help give that to them if you contact our program director, Gwen Camera at You can also give the screening yourself as long as you can pass the 5-minute tutor screening which ensures you have the necessary listening skills to catch a student's mistakes.

Once you've confirmed the student is ready for the Barton system, contact our program director by email at Based on your availability, you will be paired with a tutor whose schedule works with yours, and away you go!