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How It Works

How tutoring works:
The Barton system, which we use for tutoring, is designed as a one-on-one tutoring curriculum specifically geared to help people with dyslexia improve their reading and spelling. For the system to be as effective as possible, tutoring needs to be at least twice a week for an hour at a time (or three times a week for 40 minutes for children with a shorter attention span). We have classrooms at the church which we use for tutoring and several tutors so that we can accommodate most schedules.

The church is located at 385 Washington Avenue, Lake Mary.

Why it's effective:
The leading research on dyslexia shows that in order to improve in reading and spelling, people with dyslexia need a program that is:

• Intensive – given frequently for sufficient time.
• Explicit – component skills for reading, spelling, and writing are explained, directly taught, and modeled by the teacher. Children are discouraged from guessing at words.
• Systematic and Cumulative – has a definite, logical sequence of concept introduction; concepts are ordered from simple to more complex; each new concept builds upon previously introduced concepts, with built in review to aid memory and retrieval.
• Structured – has step-by-step procedures for introducing, reviewing, and practicing concepts.
• Multisensory – links listening, speaking, reading, and writing together; involves movement and “hands on” learning.

The Barton system was designed to meet each of those criteria.