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Larry Sherman

larry sherman

Open Hands To Africa

In August 2010, Larry Sherman retired from the U.S. Customs Service after 36+ years and moved to Namibia exchanging success for significance.

Since 2002, Sherman began fulfilling a life long passion in the African countries of Namibia and Angola where he co-founded a non profit charitable organization named Open Hands to Africa. Their mission statement is to provide SEEDs of Hope (Spiritual, Educational & Economic Development) to the poorest of poor in Namibia and Angola.

Extensively traveling the remote regions of these countries, Sherman has embedded himself in the lives of the indigenous folks by living and working in their villages. There he provides micro-business loans, livestock plus animal husbandry techniques, agri cultural seed projects, medical & eye care, as well as educational opportunities to help people help themselves by offering a helping hand rather than a hand out.

Pray for his ability to not only fulfill the immediate needs of many but also boldly proclaim the Gospel that will fulfill their spiritual and eternal needs.

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