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Cesar & Grace Cubas

Cubas 2

Cesar was raised in Puerto Supe, Peru and has an exciting testimony of how God brought him through Communism, eastern religions, and the occult to find peace with God through the Lord Jesus Christ.

Grace was raised in a conservative, missionary-minded home in Wheaton, IL. As a child God directed her toward missions, and then amazingly confirmed that calling as an adult school teacher. She worked as a single missionary in Peru for more than 10 years until falling in love with Cesar. They were married in 1977 at her home church in Wheaton.


In 1981 Cesar, Grace and their two children headed to eastern Bolivia where they ministered for more than 24 years with the South America Mission. 2005 was a year of drastic change. Cesar and Grace continued with the same mission agency but switched from the jungle to the desert; from the interior to the coast; from an urban setting to a small fishing port; and from Bolivia to Cesar’s home town in Peru.


God has provided Cesar with a unique platform for his witness. In this town he is seen as “the local boy who made good in the outside world and then came back to help.” We are here to demonstrate Christ who can change lives. We pray that those changed lives can help change families and make a difference in Puerto Supe.

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