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Our Gospel-Shaped Service

The Elements of Corporate Worship
God is passionate for His glory! To that end, He has both made Himself known and defined and described how He is to worshipped in His Word. Our corporate service of worship at ROC is designed to be God-Exalting, Christ-Centered and Word-Saturated. Animated by God’s grace we gather together in joy, reverence and awe to publicly declare God’s Glory, openly confess our faith in Him, hear His Word proclaimed, mutually encourage one another and offer our lives to Him in response. The worship of the only living and true God requires thoughtful preparation and Biblical reflection to avoid being cavalier in our approach. We must also worship with understanding, knowing what it is we are doing and why.

Gospel Structure
Structures communicate. So the structure of our service follows the outline of the Gospel. God himself calls His creation to worship Him. Worship begins with God, He initiates relationship with us. The greatness and glory of God’s nature and character are declared in song, as we remember who God is and what He has done. When confronted with the Holiness of God, we are immediately reminded of our sinful unworthiness and are driven to Confession. In response to God’s gracious forgiveness we thank God for His grace and goodness to us in all things. We then come to express our dependence upon Him in prayer, asking for His help and strength to live for Him as we should. We sit under the preaching of His Word, where God addresses His people, teaching them who He is and what He requires of us. The service concludes when we promise to live for His glory and depart under His blessing to serve Him in His world.