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ROC Student Ministries

Welcome to ROC Student Ministries!

River Oaks Student Ministries exists to share the good news of Jesus Christ to middle and high school students and help them grow in their faith, honor God, connect with each other, and discover their unique gifts for the sake of world impact. 


Large Group 
Middle Schoolers (EPIC) and High Schoolers (1x1) are invited to join us for a combined evening at Large Group. EPIC and 1x1 will meet on Wednesdays at River Oaks Church from 5:30pm-8pm for games, worship music, talks and fellowship. Bring your friends and join us as we strive know God more and grow in Christ.
No Large Group will be held on November 21, December 26.

Church Services
Services are on Sunday mornings at 9am or 11am. Sit with your family, or a friend or find a leader. We would love to worship the Lord with you each week. 

Sunday School
We will continue attending the adult Sunday school series on Gender. Please join us from 10:15-10:45am in the Main Building. The leaders will be sitting in the front right rows. Feel free to sit with the leaders if you are not already attending with your family. An alternate Sunday School option is avaialble in the Community Center for middle schoolers or anyone wishing not to participate in this topic.

Family Fall Reading Plan
Let’s be in the Word together as a youth group and family! Set aside 15 minutes each week to read a chapter of the Gospel of Mark together (suggested reading plan included on the Schedule). As you read scripture, consider the following and don’t be shy to talk about it at events. What sticks out about this text? What is the context? Who is the audience? What questions do I have? What did I learn about God and His character? How can I apply this to my life?

Schedule of Events
Please click here for the list of planned events through December 2018. (Update: Lake Day has been moved to November 10)

If you have any questions about our ministry or ways that your student can get involved, please contact the Director of Family Ministry: Joel Trigger, 804-761-4218,

Instagram: RiverOaks_SM